The following categories represent your opportunity to prove your creativity, originality of ideas and conceptual approach as a photographer

Fav portrait

My favorite portrait

In this broad category, feel free to send your takes of portraiture, from the traditional to the avant garde. Supply your own original ideas of what makes an interesting, vivid and creative portrait.


Ethnic portrait

In this category the author creates a strong context with ethnicity, culture and identity, in most cases making use of costumes, garments, jewelry etc. or local folklore.

worker in a helmet stands near a big excavator crossed arms

Environmental/Work portrait

Βy placing the person in a working environment, business, workshop, agricultural or other, the creator correlates identity with its surroundings and all other interacting factors.

Group of three urban and handsome fashionable artist guys pose in black elegant suits outdoor

Group portrait

Group portraits can pertain to any other category but what distinguishes and classifies them as a special genre is that they imply a strong link and bondage among the depicted people, family, friends, coworkers, athletic teams etc.


Self Portrait

May be as old as photography itself, this portrait style lets the creator be an artist and a posing person at the same time trying to explore the boundaries of this duality.


Before taking part to the competition be sure to read the terms and conditions.