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Important Notice 

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Click the button “Cookie Settings” and in the pop-up window “Accept All”
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How to enter (tech details)

You can enter the competition by submitting your photos as follows

  • Free participation with one photo per category
  • Up to 10 photos per category through special platform
  • File format jpeg
  • Minimum longer side 2000pixel and maximum longer side 2500pixel
  • No watermarks
  • Max. image size per photo 2MB
  • Runner ups should provide Raw file of original when requested. In case of analog prototype (i.e. film or print), proof of authenticity can be requested.
  • Early Bird entries: June.30.2024 
  • Closing Date: July.21.2024

Entry fees

Participating photographers can enter up to 10 photos per category.

  • Charge for Early Bird period (May.15.2024 – June.30.2024) is 25€ per category (up to 10 photos) incl. VAT.
  • Normal charge after expiration of Early Bird period is 40€ per category (up to 10 photos) incl. VAT.
  • Single image entry fee: 0€ charge when you submit only one photo in each category

Fees are in Euros and can be paid by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal.

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