The procedure is simple and easy.

Go to https://gphotoawards.com/participate/ and follow these steps

Α. Fill in personal details,

Β. Select one or more categories

C. Upload photos

D. Complete payment.

All five category winners and a selection of distinguished and highly ranked photos (10 in each category) will be included in Virtual Gallery 2024, presented in a special supplement of print edition of Photographos magazine. 

All Winners of the five categories receive 250 euros award. On top of the that the Grand Winner earns the free hotel accommodation prize. Winners of categories and runners up win participation in the Virtual Gallery. Shortlisted photographers can take part in the Photo Exhibition in Athens (*details to be announced shortly) upon payment of small fee. Selected winning photos will also be included in special feature in Photographos printed magazine (Greece) as well as the organizer’s social media. Certificate of participation will be sent to all distinguished participants. An online portfolio and interview of Grand winner will be uploaded to www.photo.gr and www.gphotoawards.com. Local gifts sponsored by Greek companies can be claimed only by Greek participants.

Each image must be in JPEG file format (no Raw), with 2Megabyte maximum file size and between 2000 up to 2500pixel longer side.

For the preliminary stage of submitting photos for the competition, low/medium resolution JPEG files up to 2 MB are accepted.
Selected and Shortlisted participants should provide Raw file of original or high resolution JPEG with EXIF if requested.
In case of analog prototype (i.e. film or print), proof of authenticity can be requested.
High resolution images in Raw, JPEG etc. of the winning and distinguished works will be required for final evaluation and / or use in publication, exhibition or other purpose. For the high resolution images, the EXIF data may be required for purposes of authentication. The same high resolution files will be used for the ones who will choose to be part of the Art Exhibition.

Yes, in order to preserve jury neutrality during judging. Photos should not be readily identifiable and attributed to specific photographer.

No limitations apply to the means of creating your color photos, so YES, digital images from smartphones are welcome.

For technical and copyright reasons, each entry can be attributed to only one photographer. So no joint entries are accepted.

hough no such formality applies, it is clearly stipulated in the rules (Terms and Conditions) that by submitting images which include recognizable and identifiable persons, you are at the same time assuring and admitting that you have the explicit and full permission of these persons to use their image without limitation and no incurred fees or other claims and demands for compensation.

Please carefully read section USAGE RIGHTS in Terms and Conditions. Submitted photos will be used exclusively for any means of fulfilling promotion of Great Photo Awards contest (virtual gallery, physical exhibition, the organizer’s site, social media tec.) free of charge, and always with credit line. Under no circumstances can these photos be sold, donated. loaned or transferred to ownership and use of other entities with payment or free of charge.

Deadine for Early Bird money saver is 30/06/2024. The final deadline for submission of participating works is 21/07/2024 Deadlines may be amended at the organizer’s discretion.

Great Photo Awards team will contact the winners and runners up at the email address provided in the participation form before going public. Date of official announcement of results will be notified at a later stage. A formal announcement will be made in www.gphotoawards.com and all other media of the organizer.

Yes, the costs for participation are as follows: SuperSaver EARLY BIRD only €25 for each category (up to 10 photos) /€40 for each category (up to 10 photos) after EARLY BIRD deadline.
However, you can enter for free if you submit only one photo per category.

Participation in the Photo Exhibition (the date, and the venue will be announced soon) at a prominent Athens venue is optional and open to shortlisted photographers. All interested photographers of the short list will be contacted from Aug.26 to Sept.6.2024. A token sum per exhibited printed photo will charged and has to be paid by Sept.15.2024, together with supplying Hi Resolution files for checking and exhibition quality printing. In case of any problem, technical, copyright or other, paid monies will be refunded without any other claim for compensation.

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