Portrait definition

Contents of participating photos must conform to the gererally accepted notion of portrait photography. A photographic image is considered to be portrait if it depicts, renders and interprets the human face and expression in a predominant role.

Right to participate

Participation is open to individuals from all countries in the world with no territorial, gender, ethnic or other restriction. Any interested to enter the contest person must be at least 18 years of age. However.


Participants can enter any number of categories or all five of them i.e. Enviromental/Work, Ethnic, Art, Group/family and Self Portrait with up to 10 entries in each category. The jury reserves the right to move an entry to a different, more appropriate category.

Tech details are quoted in the PARTICIPATE and HOW TO ENTER  sections.

Judges – Jury

Judging committee consists of world acclaimed photographers and photo editors. Appointment of judging committee is the organizer’s prerogative. . Obscene, sexually explicit and indecent content will be disqualified by the jury. Rejected photos, whatever the reason might be, are not eligible for refunding.

No claims, disputes or objections against judging committee decisions can be accepted and participants hereby waive any such right. The decision of judges is final and cannot be contested in any court anywhere in the world and under any capacity or jurisdiction.

Submission of photos

All photos must be submitted in medium resolution (minimum longer side 2000pixel and maximum longer side 2500pixel). Size is limited to 2MB jpg greyscale or colour for toned images. At the point of registration and uploading all requested data fields should be filled in properly according to the supplied instructions.

Film or printed originals are also acceptable. However submission should be made in the form of digital files. Scanning of originals is the entrant’s requirement.

At a later stage short listed participants will be notified to supply full resolution photos for the judging committee. Failure to supply high resolution files within reasonable deadline voids eligibility for awards.


  • By entry alone, any participant confirms, ascertains and assures that is sole holder of copyright as the original and only author of the image or images he/she submits to the competition.
  • Entries should be fully original photos made by a camera and lens and not the produce of Artificial Intelligence Image generators or heavily composite works.
  • In case of depicted people in the photo/photos, permission of included recognizable persons is required. By submitting entry, the participant declares that he/she has been granted such permission (s) by depicted person(s). If it is later proven that such permission was not really granted to the participant, it is the latter’s liability to assume all incurred damages and compensation.

  • Participant also assures that whole or part of submitted photo(s) does (do) not infringe copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights of any party . Especially that photo(s) does (do) not contain elements and parts of images belonging to creators other than the participant himself(herself) 

Usage rights

Copyright of all submitted images remains with the author (photographer). However, participants allow unlimited free of charge license for the organizer to fully use images entered to the contest for publication, upload, use in website, social media, online and printed in relation with the contest and all relevant promotional activities. Participants agree to allow publicity and promotional use of their images in relation with the contest, without additional compensation.

Images entered to the contest cannot be sold or otherwise transferred to third parties with or without payment.

Any use, publication, upload or other, online or printed, must be accompanied by proper credit line.

Personal data

Registration data of participants are kept in our files for the duration of the contest and as long need to process and conclude the contest effectively. The organizer commits to offer any interested participant access to his (hers) personal info, correction, amendment or deletion of personal info and the right to be forgotten after reasonable time after termination of all contest related activities.


Terms, conditions and deadlines of this competition can be altered, changed or voided by the organizer at his sole discretion, and it can be prolonged, modified or totally cancelled at any time. In case of cancellation proper refunds will be made. Participants agree to indemnify the organizers of all penalties, fees, and any other monies owed to any person for failure to comply with any of the above requirements.

Participants assure satisfactory knowledge and command of English, hereby admitting and asserting that they have fully understood and are bound by the terms and conditions quoted in the above. Any dispute, claim, demand and civil procedure is subject only to Greek Law and will be tried and adjucated accordingly by Greek competent courts.