Winners of the second Great Photo Awards International Photo Competition
“Portrait World”

Great Photo Awards has recently announced the grand winner, the category winners and runner ups with honourable mentions of the “Portrait World” international photo competition. The high standard of submitted works and the creativity of participants in all five categories (My favorite portrait, Ethnic
portrai, Environmental / Work Portrait, Self portrait, Group portrait) was unanimously applauded by the Jury.

My favorite portrait

The Grand Winner (also winner of My Favorite Portrait category) is Vasile Sarb (Romania) for his experimental yet highly inspired shot of the Yin Yang themed BW portrait, juxtaposing the contrast between light and darkness, good and evil. Grand Prize is a 3-day stay at Hotel Atlantis, Santorini.

Ethnic portrait

Winner in the Ethnic Portrait category is Marc Seymour (UK) for his expressive, joyful and genuine photo of a local man of Reika tribe in Jaipur, India, proud of his cultural heritage.

Group Portrait

Winner in the Group Portrait category is Spyros Sansonetis (Greece) for his documentary photo of the elementary school of Mtakuja village in Tanzania, conveying a message of solidarity, optimism and will for educational achievement despite all hurdles.

Environmental / Work Portrait

Winner in the Environmental/Work category is Viet Van Tran (Vietnam) who excelled in portraying with colorful verve the skill and craftsmanship belying a seemingly humble shoemaker’s job.

Self portrait

And finally, Stella Villiou (Greece) is the winner in the Self Portrait category for her abstract study in personality, endeavouring to depict feelings of isolation and grief throughout the Covid pandemic.

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