Winners of the first GPhotoAwards International Photo Competition
“Black & White World”

Great Photo Awards has recently announced the grand winner, the category winners and runner ups with honourable mentions of the “Black & White World” international photo competition. The high standard of submitted works and the creativity of participants in all five categories (Portrait, Landscape, Nude, Street and Minimalism) was unanimously applauded by the Jury.


The Grand Winner (also winner of Street category) is Eddy Verloes (Belgium) for his unique shot of “Losing our Minds” series, depicting a bunch of young UltraOrthodox Jews in a joyful moment out in the country during lockdown. Prize is seven day stay at on of Mitsis Hotels resorts, plus 250 euros.


Winner in Landscape category is Mateo Strassera (Italy) for this highly accomplished interpretation of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) juxtaposing the vastness of the skies with the lonely tree. Prize is 250 euros.


Winner in Minimalism category is Aggelos Nikolopoulos (Greece) for his inspiration to participate with a highly abstract concept which challenges the beholder to question and clarify the message and the meaning. Prize is 250 euros.


Winner in Nude category is Lydia Veropoulou (Greece) for her unpretentious, naturalistic and moment catching nude which successfully relies on form and tonality. Prize is 250 euros.


Winner in Portrait category is Angelika Gawruluk/Anthopoulou (Greece) for her touching and emotional portrait of four generations in the same family, a rare occurrence and a celebration of family bonds. Prize is 250 euros.

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