1st prize «Ethnic portrait» €250 cash

Mark Seymour | United Kingdom

1st prize «Ethnic portrait»

«Reika Tribesman» «…Taken just outside Jodhpur in India . We spent a couple of days with his family photographing them as they herdered their goats. The Reika tribesmen wear distinctive red turbans. The image was taken with a 35mm 1.8 lens shot wide open at ISO 200 during sunset….» markseymourphotography.co.uk www.shootthestreet.co.uk

Martha Theodoridou | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait» 


«…At low speed 1/4sec. I wanted to capture the movement of the traditional dance…»

Martha Theodoridou

Ricoh WG-80 Black
donated by e-Galaxy
Value: €349

Panos Dimopoulos | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait» 

A Profile of Truth & Devotion

«…I rarely shoot in bw. On this occasion though, the circumstances demanded it… Following a project to shoot various religious groups in Athens, it was the Sikhs turn. Sikh have nested their religion in an old factory in a southwest suburb. Arriving there early on a Sunday morning, the light was harsh. To make things more difficult, a tsunami of colours waited for us inside! From the traditional clothes, to the decorations, it was a sensory overload! Bw became the occasion and in my mind this particular portrait fitted the principles Sikhs live by: Truth & Devotion!…»


Wins Zhiyun Molus G60 Pocket COB LED Combo
donated by Alba Photo Video
Value: €289

Garo Kalaydjian | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait» 

Portrait of a lady – Istanbul

«…The silhouette of a young lady moving in the city of Istanbul, caught my eye. I tried to take a shot against a dark background to reveal her beautiful portrait. I was able to take just two frames before she disappeared in the crowd…»


Wins Fujifilm Ιnstax Μini LiPlay
donated by Fujifilm Hellas
Value: €189

Eddy Verloes | Belgium

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait» 

I wanna be your queen

«…I took this photo at the International Photo Festival Pelt (Belgium) 25th of August, 2019 where I attended a portrait photography workshop and this black girl acted as a model…»


Spyros Sansonetis | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait»

Tanzania Maasai in Ngorongoro 2022 «…This photo is a voice of protest against serious violations of human rights, a symbolic act of support to the Maasai of Ngorongoro who are facing untold difficulties: their homeland is about to be taken away from them! Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater is the natural habitat of many species. It is also known for its wildlife, being home of the indigenous Maasai. Their cultural and spiritual practices are intertwined with the land, with sacred spaces for gatherings to teach young Maasai about their culture and how they live with the ecosystem around them. To promote tourism, the government wants to expand the protected area – and evict more than 80,000 people under the guise of conservation. My interaction with the local community as a amateur photographer and not as a tourist, helped to create meaningful relationships, cultivating a sense of solidarity and acceptance of diversity. In such a context, the camera reflects the human element that connects us all, the thread that unites people, creating strong bonds of emphasis on companionship and mutual respect…» @Spyros Sansonetis

Vasilis Kaymenakis | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait»

Sea and Islander – Faith in Tradition «…A young islander on his fishing boat, wearing traditional attire, bids farewell to the small boats leaving the harbor, ready to launch the maritime flare he holds in his hand…» @vasiliskaimenakis_ vaskay

Miguel Galmés Bondia | Spain

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait»

The Taj Mahal Boatman «…I had this idea of crossing to the other bank of Yamuna River to capture the beauty of Taj Mahal. The water of the river was still and you could only see the ripples produced by the splashing of the oar. Suddenly the boatman stopped rowing and the boat stopped in the mirror-like water. With the Taj Mahal in the background, its reflection on the surface of the water, the sun on its descent towards the horizon and the permission of the wise boatman absorbed in his thoughts, the shot was taken. Sometimes the right photo opportunity happens when you least expect it, and the boatman knew it. I deeply appreciate his collaboration…» Fujifilm X-T2 | 18mm miguelgalmes.com @miguel_galmes miguelgalmesphotography

Panagiotis Mihos | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait»

Spiral to faith «…It has been a while that I follow the Ukrainian community in Athens, their actions in order to help their country and their people who are in need. That Saturday I went to the church they gathered to celebrate Christmas, a feast that happens a week after Greek Orthodox Christmas. I usually place my eye against the DSLR camera viewfinder and I follow my subject. After a while everything begins to make sense and the elements around me start to have a connection then I know I have a shot…»

Ioanna Kyriakopoulou | Greece

Honorable mention  «Ethnic portrait»

Stoic Hadzibe Man «…Meeting someone from the Hadzabe tribe was a truly unforgettable experience from these days in Tanzania. This man was really one an impressive person. The way he was talking, moving, dancing and singing was something else, like being born a performer. However he gave me the opportunity to capture the penetrating look of a real hunter, a person whose household is Earth itself and lives to take care of his family. Facing him in person created a unique feeling through his calmness and his sincere eyes encouraging me to take this shot…» @kyr_ion

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