1st prize «Group Portrait» €250 cash

Spyros Sansonetis | Greece

1st prize «Group Portrait»

«Tanzania Mtakuja School 2022»

«…We photographers wander, live, breathe, and fall in love with every place we visit. Our life is a journey…
We travel to destinations that have stories to tell, images to fill our hearts, discovering hidden beauties, the richness of another way of life with unique experiences and memories forming a different world view and meeting beautiful people.
One such destination is Tanzania. A different way of life, relaxed, quiet, that makes feel that you have found the secret of happiness! Such an experience offers a new perspective, appreciating the simplicity of everyday life. It has everything a travel photographer wants from an African adventure: cinematic images, unique experiences, carefree, adrenaline, magnificent nature, palm-fringed beaches with turquoise waters and unique animals. But above all, smiling people in colorful clothes, always ready to welcome you and share beautiful moments! An authentic experience of culture and daily life of its inhabitants.
The school near the village of Mtakuja off the beaten track, was more than a travel experience; it was a transformative experience, offering a genuine glimpse into the heart of African culture. A traditional village from another era at the foothills of Kilimanjaro. Forgotten in time without electricity and water, where more than 50 tribes (Chagga, Pare, Maasai, Datoga, Zigua, Zaramo, Hehe, etc.) live in harmony. It is there that I learned an important life lesson from the children. I became one with them, I sang, painted, climbed trees, played soccer barefoot with a cloth ball. I photographed them, and they photographed me, I became more spontaneous, I rediscovered the child inside me, in my 60s! I learned that even the most humble and simple objects can become works of art! I learned what respect and coexistence with our natural environment means. These were some of the most touching moments of my life! I experienced this true thirst for learning, for knowledge, for connection, for sharing. In this wonderful journey, the revelation for me was ultimately the luxury of simplicity; how little we need to feel truly happy…»

@Spyros Sansonetis

Angelika Gawryluk-Anthopoulou | Greece

Honorable mention  «Group Portrait» 

«Four Generations»

«…The photo is from the «Four Generations» photoshoot I had created for the men in my housband’s family. In addition to the classic portraits, I also liked the idea of creating a «quadruple portrait» that highlights the stages of life in a unique manner. In this photo you can see the great-grandfather (John), the grandfather (Theodore), the father (John) and the son (Theodore)…»


Nikon Z 30 kit with 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR
donated by Damkalidis SA

Natalie Green | United States

Honorable mention  «Group Portrait» 

«…Three of a Kind: As a mother of three, I don’t often see all of my kids engaging constructively with one another. In this case my son (14) and two daughters (11 and 8) were playing in the pool on vacation and I loved how their juxtaposition highlighted their inherent similarities and differences…»


Ioanna Kyriakopoulou | Greece

Honorable mention  «Group Portrait» 

Colours of Lake Eyazi

«…Five fishermen carry together a net with fish at Lake Eyasi in Tanzania. You could notice that two fishermen catch some with their hands. I was on my knees, waiting for the right moment with the result to be one of my favourites photos…»


Rania Christou| Greece

Honorable mention  «Group Portrait» 


«…The photo was taken on September 12, 2023, one week after the devastating floods that hit our city of Volos.
Walking in a neighborhood near the overflowing river, I met a group of boys who were celebrating their victory in the football match they had just played!
They were doubly «Winners» because they also defeated the fear that had overwhelmed us all!
I am motivated and inspired by people and their problems and especially by children after I have been a secondary school teacher for over thirty years….»

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