1st prize «Landscape» €250 cash

Matteo Strassera | Italy

1st prize «Landscape» 

Celestial Dance

“Being able to capture the dance of the Northern Lights in the darkness of the Canadian skies was one of the most exciting moments of my trip to Banff and Jasper National Parks.
The goal of the night was to just take pictures of the Milky Way. Being August it was an incredible surprise when the sky turned green. What was supposed to be an hour dedicated to star gazing turned into five hours of shooting the Northern Lights.
This shot definitely challenged my photographic skills at the time. It was my first time seeing the Northern Lights and I wasn’t prepared. Also, the incredible strength of the Aurora made it difficult to choose a spot to focus on, as the entire sky glowed green and purple.
I consider this shot to be one of the most successful of the evening because of the wavy shape of the aurora towering over the Canadian peaks and forests.
The photo was taken using a Manfrotto BeFree Advanced tripod, a Canon 6D Mark II and a Samyang 14mm f/2.8 manual focus lens.
Because of the variability in the movement and strength of the Aurora, the evening’s photos had different exposure times, ranging from 4 to 30 seconds. This photo was taken with 30-second exposure, f/4 (not registered due to manual lens) and ISO 200.”


Eleni Kanakaki | Greece

2nd prize «Landscape»

Liverpool 2017

“We were returning home, on a cold December night, after the party for my son’s graduation. It was so peaceful and calm we could almost hear the humidity of the air falling like raindrops. And all I had to do, was to lift my camera and turn the flash on…”


Wins a MACADAM COLOR STREET PHOTO photo album by Jean-Christophe Béchet.

Arcangelo Piai | Italy

Honorable mention «Landscape»

Upslope fog 



Liu Shuchuan | Japan

Honorable mention «Landscape»

Mount Fuji and Gate Bridge

“My name is Liu Shuchuan, an amateur photographer based in Tokyo. Approximately four years ago, I began to focus on urban landscapes and architectural photography.

The photo titled “Mount Fuji and Gate Bridge”, was taken along the coast of Tokyo Bay in January 2023. Tokyo Gate bridge, as its name, is the gateway to Tokyo Bay. Mount Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan. In a sense, they both are symbols of Tokyo and Japan. The location I photographed, Maihama Seaside in Chiba Prefecture, is the only place where people can see both Gate Bridge and Mt. Fuji. The snow top of Mount Fuji and the metal frame of the bridge shine and reflect each other in the sunlight. I used long exposure and black and white editing to enhance this photo, which is also the most suitable technical method for expressing this scene.

Mount Fuji is a symbol of nobility, purity and uniqueness in Japanese culture. Gate Bridge, which runs through Tokyo Bay, symbolizes connection and communication. I hope that my exploration in photography can also have continuous breakthroughs, and at the same time share my ideas and thoughts with people who have the same pursuits.


Miroslav Pavlík | Czechia

Honorable mention «Landscape»


“My photograph “Torso” was taken in the spring of 2023, at the coast of the Baltic Sea, which is battered by waves and the land gives way to the sea. The trees lining the coast gradually lose their ground and fall into the sea. I was lucky that the shooting conditions were ideal – fog, wind, rain. That’s how my picture was created.
Shot with Canon RP, Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0L USM and an ND filter”


Andreia Costa | Portugal

Honorable mention «Landscape»

Cross the Road

“A panoramic photograph to show one of the most beautiful roads in the world.
In Patagonia there are several scenarios, but it is difficult in such a vast landscape to find the best composition to portray that incredible and otherworldly scenery.”


Panos Dimopoulos | Greece

Honorable mention «Landscape»

A guide to safety and beauty

“This photo depicts the amazing lighthouse Faro Di Punta Carena at SSW Capri. It was taken during a trip in South Italy and more specifically Napoli, Amalfi Coast and Capri in August 2022. It was not an easy pic to shoot as I was on a touristic small boat and there was a strong wind rocking it left and right. Solution came with high shutter speed and help from my camera’s internal stabilisation. I took 3-4 pics and despite the beautiful landscape colours and the nice light (early afternoon ~17.30) I thought to try in black and white. There was the result!
Shot with Sony A7R III, Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM II at 24mm, ISO100, f/3.2, 1/1250sec.”


Christian Lentini | Italy

Honorable mention «Landscape»

The lake, the Latemar and the moon

“We had spent that late spring afternoon walking in the woods at the foot of the mountains near Passo Costalunga (South Tyrolo, Italy) and were reluctantly returning to the city. Driving down from the pass we passed right in front of the famous Carezza Lake so we decided to make a short stop. The warm evening light, the lake filled with water from the melting snow, the Latemar massif with its peaks shrouded in fluffy clouds and a small moon, were the ingredients of a magical recipe that I tried to capture in this shot.
It was when I stood in front of this breathtaking panorama with my camera ready to take the shot that I realised how privileged I was to live a stone’s throw from all this and what joy it gave me to portray such magnificence.
The photo was taken in 2020 freehand with a 21mm wide angle lens, and a medium closed aperture to get most of the scenery in focus.”.


George Vlachos | Greece

Honorable mention «Landscape» 

Dark North

“This image is part of a series created during a photographic trip to Iceland.
This country is known as the land of fire and ice, but to me the most prominent characteristic was contrast. Hot volcanoes and geysers next to icy glaciers, white waves breaking on to black sand, high mountains and roaring waterfalls next to vast flat empty calm fields. These images were my attempt to capture the feeling of those contradictions so I shot in black and white with high contrast in mind and enhanced those features in post processing. I used long exposure whenever water was in the frame in order to let it “burn” the image with the white turbulent foam.
This particular image was shot with a 12mm lens on a crop sensor camera, f/8 and 30 seconds exposure with an additional 3 stop ND filter during the “golden hour”, just after the sunset.”


Aneza Paliou | Greece

Honorable mention «Landscape» 

Lace of nature

“The photo was taken at the last dawn of 2019 in Rhodes island Greece.
For one more time the gusting southern winds and the huge waves swept the pier. In seconds, fast flowing water formed a natural lace in front of my camera.
I tried to get as extensive details as I could of this unique occurance.
Shot at 1/1600sec – f/8 – ISO320 “