1st prize «Minimalism» €250 cash

Angelos Nikolopoulos | Greece

1st prize «Minimalism»


“Light, shadows, statues and negative space in the center of Athens.”


George Housiadas | Greece

2nd prize «Minimalism» 

Exclamation Mark

“This body of work has the title “Exclamation Mark”. It originated from my love for black and white photography, architecture and minimalism. In order to achieve a fairly minimal result I had to isolate my subject from any unnecessary elements (wires, people, cars, etc.). So with this approach, what remains is the form, the shape of each building and the sunlight that penetrates them.
The shot was taken using a tripod so I had full control of my frame. Regarding the technical characteristics, I used low ΙSO (100) for better sharpness, a relatively closed aperture (f/10 – f/16) for greater depth of field and a shutter speed of 1/160sec to 1/250sec depending on weather and lighting conditions.”


Wins PETITS PAYSAGES AMERICAINS photo album by Jean-Christophe Béchet. 

Martin Miklas | Portugal 

Honorable mention «Minimalism» 

Navigating the Celestial Tides
From «Abyssal Echoes» series

“In the twilight of the ocean, fishermen embark on cosmic voyages, guided by the stars.
In a near dystopian future where ocean pollution and overheating has rendered aquaculture obsolete, humanity turns to the haunting beauty of farming fish in space – spaceculture. «Abyssal Echoes» is a gripping exploration of the human spirit’s relentless pursuit of survival and redemption amidst a desolate cosmos, where the terrors of our own creation become a twisted work of art.

Martin Miklas is a Lisbon-based documentary photographer from Bratislava /Slovakia who primarily focuses on sociological changes in Eastern Europe and socio­economical and ecological impact on the fishing industry in Portugal. Presently Martin is one of the alumni of the 2022-23 VII Photo Agency Masterclass, proud father and Visual Storytelling Masterclass by The Raw Society participant.”


Ioannis Ntarlas | Greece

Honorable mention «Minimalism»

Low angle shots, minimalistic views

“Photo taken in London outside Tate Modern Art Gallery. Few seconds before shot was made while looking up I saw the plane “approaching” the chimney.
My first thought, for a bit of second, was 9/11, but in the next second, the final “picture” was in my mind before being shot! There wasn’t any time for any set up except zooming my lens to maximum. Except desaturation, the photo has very little editing. Even the “leaning” chimney was left intact. So combined with the upward plane course it gives a different aesthetic.”


Drawing prize
Instax Mini LiPlay Stone White offered by Fujifilm Hellas. Value: €189,90

Dimitris Vasdekis | Greece

Honorable mention «Minimalism»  

Windows and Cloud

“Briefly, this photo was taken in a quest of the game that clouds create with ground objects. After the shot the photo was properly processed to get the cloud in the “right” position to render, in my personal opinion, the right balance while at the same time correcting the perspective of the building lines. This correction combined with “neutralizing” the sky gave me the right details to minimize any distraction from the dipole “cloud – windows” which is the element of interest in this particular photo. 

The shot was made with
Sony a7 III and Sony 50mm f/1,8
ISO 160 1/250 f/16″


Drawing prize
Wireless headphones Sony LinkBuds S offered by Sony Hellas.
Value: €199,99

Gergely Fiel | Hungary

Honorable mention «Minimalism» 

Staircase in Artemida

“I am emotionally attached to Greece, so that is why I visit this amazing country three or four times a year. Every time I come, I take my camera with me and try to capture the country’s rich history, vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes. This photo was taken in Artemida in a local building – I was mesmerized by the curves and simplicity of this white staircase, so I decided to create the photo in a very minimal style only to highlight the leading lines of the structure”.


Robert Claus | United States

Honorable mention «Minimalism»  

Bannister and Shadows near the Old Showrooms

“Part of a project exploring an abandoned car dealership near my home (San José, California July 2023), this image exemplifies my approach: I decided to work only in black and white, to focus on contrasts, textures, and abstraction.
Shooting over the course of several weeks in autumn, I always returned to the dealership in early evening, when the sun cast long, sharp shadows. Since all doors, gates, and windows of the dealership were boarded up, I kept bumping into dead ends; the project soon became all about secrets and hidden spaces. In this image, a bannister has led us safely up a ramp – but there is nowhere to go; a heavy shadow lies across plywood covering the entrance. Because I was technically trespassing -although the place was never guarded- I had to move quickly, which meant short stints of shooting for about 15 minutes at a time. Using a pocket-sized camera with a pancake lens allowed me to move swiftly, and discreetly. Since each brief “session” explored a different section of the old dealership, I gradually built up a photographic narrative that covered almost the entire dealership.
I live in an area where housing is expensive, and scarce -and homelessness is at an all-time high. To see this sprawling property mothballed purely for speculation, seemed outrageous to me, so I chose this minimalist and almost expressionist approach to voice my anger and frustration.”


Dimitris Triantafyllidis | Greece

Honorable mention «Minimalism»

“The picture was taken while on a boat trip in Ilulissat Icefjord, Greenland. In this harsh environment I was caught by the geometry of the giant iceberg complementing the grace of the seabird in flight,a compination in harmony and serenity.
Nikon D6, Nikkor 70-200mm, 1/2000sec, f/4, ISO 2000. Lightroom, Topaz Denoise.”


Thibaut Lampe | Switzerland

Honorable mention «Minimalism»

Dancing dunes

“At a first glance, Gran Canaria’s dunes appear motionless, yet a fascinating secret lies within. Constantly shaped and reshaped by the wind, these seemingly still sands wander in a graceful dance. I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the dynamic ocean waves shaped by the same wind. Through careful composition, I aimed to recreate the ocean’s dynamism using the dunes’ shapes and sand textures. Discover the mesmerizing motion hidden within these sands, revealing nature’s remarkable dynamism.
I chose to shoot handheld with a longer focal length to bring in a very subtle motion blur as we would get from shooting these fast moving waves in the ocean.”


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