1st prize «My favorite portrait» also Grand Prize 
3-day stay at ΗΟΤΕL ATLANTIS – santorini & €250 cash

Winner: Sarb Vasile | Romania

“«…The photograph was taken in a studio as a part of an extensive project of creative and performative photography. The project is dedicated to experimental portraiture. The idea originated from representing the mirror of life through photography, unfolding between good and evil, between light and dark. The concept connects two elements that represent life.
The expressive elements used are: the relationship between Yin and Yang; the second element is that of the eyes, represented through hand gestures, related to the eye of Ramses, as seen in Ancient Egyptian art.
The photographer is a hunter of moments, and these moments delight us in the future…».

George Kamelakis | Greece

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

«…Soignée 2016…»


Canon EOS R10 with 18-45mm f/4,5-6,3 IS STM kindly donated by Canon Greece
Value: €999

Eddy Verloes | Belgium

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

What a surprise «…I took this photo at the International Photo Festival Pelt (Belgium) 2nd of June, 2019 where a spectator is looking at my photo hanging on the wall…» www.verloes.com

Natalie Green | United States

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»


«…Wrestler, Age 14: I have to confess I didn’t know much about wrestling until my son started the sport in middle school. The sport is so demanding, and the athletes are each required -individually- to show such heart and grit. After a particularly grueling match, I asked my son to let me make this image. He won that match, but it wasn’t without cost….»



Brennan Conley | United States

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

“…I think dementia is an incredibly difficult topic to discuss and portray in art. Those affected by it are fundamentally excluded from the discussion. It feels strange to share my grandmother with you, but I want you to know her. I want you to see her and feel her, even though she has long since lost her familiarity. In that sense, you and I can see this portrait on level footing, and hopefully lean on each other’s shoulders…”


Alberto Colognato | Italy

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»


Manolis Tsantakis | Greece

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

The symmetry of beauty

«…When I collaborated with this particular model, who is also a friend of mine, for a series of photos, I was impressed by her very long black hair. At some point, when the wind was blowing strongly, I took some pictures, letting the wind play with her hair alone.
Thus emerged this impressive portrait with her hair covering her right eye and left breast, creating a balanced symmetry. I decided to convert it to black and white with very careful tonal processing to emphasize the strong clean black and white tones and add intensity to her expressive gaze…»


Fujifilm Instax Μini 12
donated by Fujifilm Hellas
Value €99

Ján Baracka | Slovakia

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

“…Three siblings -neighbors from the common entrance of the house- liked to take pictures and pose in front of my camera. For that, I gladly gave them photos from each photo shoot. I remember a photographer I know, whom I asked to judge my selection of photos, how she was interested in Hugo’s photo and told me that she likes this one. I remembered the photo while reading the propositions of your competition and after a moment’s hesitation I decided to send it. I was very pleased that someone other than my acquaintance liked the photo even after many years…”

Angelika Gawryluk-Anthopoulou | Greece

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

«Teddy bear»

“…The photo of our son with his first teddy bear is definitely one of my favourites for many reasons. First, for the feeling, as in the eyes of a baby everything seems so important. Also for the light that envelops the photo and makes it special. Finnaly for the colors that I believe perfectly matched the setting I prepared for the needs of the portrait…”


Leanne Trivett S. | United States

Honorable mention «My favorite portrait»

Craving, self portrait «…I am a visual artist that uses photography to narrate and construct identity in Experimental Self Portraiture, to explore subjects in emotional abstract, and to create images that show how details and color interact in the world. My theatrical and vocal performance background inspires me to explore psyche, spirit, ego, and soul: creating current characters with personal and dynamic stories. This image I took in my home and it explores longing for humanity and isolation….» Leannerockstar LeanneTrivettSphotography.com

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