1st prize «Portrait» €250 cash

Angelika Gawryluk-Anthopoulou | Greece

1st prize «Portrait» 

Four Generations

“I am a photographer who deals with pregnancy, newborn and family photography. When I was pregnant and found out I was expecting a boy I knew I wanted to create this photo shoot as it’s rare for four generations to survive at the same time. An additional reason for the idea was a nice tradition that exists in Greece where it is customary for the son to give his child the name of his father.
So we have in the photo the great-grandfather (John), the grandfather (Theodore), the father (John) and the son (Theodore).
PS1: Of course, the father of great-grandfather John was called Theodore.
PS2: The sentimental value of this photo is now even greater as unfortunately great-grandfather John passed away this year in June.”


George Kamilakis | Greece

2nd prize «Portrait» 

G. 2014

“…portrait of Georgia taken at photo exhibition.”


photo album by Jean-Christophe Béchet.

Gary Williams | United Kingdom

Honorable mention «Portrait»

“Carlotta was in my studio for a headshot session. We tried a few lighting setups until we settled on a small beauty dish with a flag and reflector and her seated. We had just been chatting about the challenges of being an actor in London when seemed lost in her thoughts and I caught this frame.”


Lucas Tirloni l Brazil

Honorable mention «Portrait»


“The photo HAPO is part of a series of other images from an authorial documentary project that delves into the life and experiences in indigenous villages. The respective image was taken in September 2022, during the New Year celebration of the Guarani ethnic group. The celebration took place in the Rio Branco village, located in Itanhaém, the oldest village in the state of São Paulo (125 years old).
The photo is laden with meanings and is titled “Ηapo” which means “Raizes” (Roots) in Portuguese. It portrays the harmonious connection and protection the indigenous people have with the land. The tree roots almost blend with the bodies of the subjects. A young girl and an adult man stand hand in hand, symbolizing the caring relationship between father and child, representing different generations and genders, all standing in an austere position as defenders of the land.
Due to limited or no budget, the technical part involved using a Speedlight flash (without a diffuser) connected to the slave mode of the camera’s pop-up flash (DSLR). The camera was positioned on a tripod and triggered remotely. The flash was set at a 45° angle, at waist height, and held in my hands.
Shot at 1600 ISO – 1/80sec – f/4″


Spyros Sansonetis | Greece

Honorable mention «Portrait»


“This portrait is not a faithful realistic representation – depiction of the particular features of a female face. It is not even the individual portrait of a woman. It is the group portrait of all abused women who suffer domestic violence, all those who unfortunately experienced femicide. That was the intention.
It is the portrait of fear that collides with the female will to resist, to react, to speak, to break her silence. The conflict between the desire for freedom – independence and the commitments arising from problematic relationships and social conventions. The indelible right to choose between love and fear. It is the portrait of the unequal war behind closed doors, the battle to break down the stereotyped cells that the seasonal standards dictate.
It is the aesthetic approach of the visual language to talk about what the image hints at, which has the greatest interest, than what the photograph itself depicts. To speak of things that cannot be seen that closed lips dare not say but the eyes bear witness to. Because only photography has this ability to say much more than it shows.”

Spyros Sansonetis

Stelios Kontokostas | Greece

Honorable mention «Portrait» 


“This photograph depicts the spiritual shepherd of a small, remote and mountainous province of Greece, the Greek-Orthodox Metropolitan Bishop of Karpenissi, Georgios, while ordaining a new priest. In the Greek-Orthodox tradition, the Holy Spirit is usually depicted as a dove radiating a ray of light. It was precisely this ray of light, shining upon the bishop and thus contributing to the sanctity of the moment, which excited me and led to capturing this particular image. Certain objects were subsequently edited out of the picture taken, which was then transformed to b/w.”

Stelios Kontokostas Photography

Magdalena Czok | Poland

Honorable mention «Portrait» 

Shepherd of camels

“This photo taken on March 2023 in Morocco during a photographic trip to Morocco”


Vassilis Bontosoglou | Greece

Honorable mention «Portrait» 

Past and Present

“The photo was taken in January 2019 during Dorothea Lange’s exhibition “Politics of Seeing” in Jeu de Paume in Paris. One of the walls of the exhibition was covered by a poster depicting Lange’s photo “unemployed men”. Despite the time difference between the two images, their juxtaposition brought to mind issues of the disparity between wealth and comfort, and poverty and suffering. In the more universal sense, they speak to one’s quality of life, or simply struggle to survive and create a better future.
I slightly moved to get a better composition, lifted my camera and took the photo.
The photo was then converted to b&w and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop”


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