1st prize «Minimalism» €250 cash

Stella Villiou | Greece

1st prize «Self portrait»

A self-portrait of inclusion

«…My photo’s title is «A self-portrait of inclusion». Τhe subject of my photo comes from the unprecedented and very intense situation we all experienced, the coronavirus pandemic.
During this period, I, like many others, experienced a profound sense of isolation and pervasive gloominess. Recognizing these emotions and with the belief that many people will identify, I decided to express them. The result is captured in this photo, which I am sharing. The photo has been edited with digital solarization…»


Liz Long| United States

Honorable mention  «Self portrait» 


«…Following the birth of my first child during the pandemic I underwent expected, as well as unexpected, transformations. My transition from career woman to mom induced an identity crisis and I felt a pull to reinvent myself. I quit my job as an occupational therapist, stayed at home with my son, and I struggled with understanding who I was during this shift. This photo, “Rebirth”, reflects the reawakening of my creative passions, self-discovery, and entering into a new era…»


Šárka Košatecká | Czech Republic

Honorable mention  «Self portrait» 


«…In last two years I really like taking self portraits. Sometimes I only want to make a nice picture but sometimes I want to put some of my feelings in the composition and this picture is one of those. The time when I’m sleeping for too long and waiting who will wake me up… like Snowwhite….»


Martin Miklas | Slovakia

Honorable mention  «Self portrait» 

Gotham Phantom

«…While working on my ongoing long-term project “A Journey of The Fish” focused on the subjects such as climate change and its side-effects on marine biodiversity, I was impressed by the morning sun with the long shadows. I took this selfportrait reflecting mixed feelings of my “inner world” juxtaposing environmental issues of our outer globe.
Sony A7II, FE 35mm F2.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar, 1/1000 sec, f/6,7, ISO 200. Lightroom…»


Leanne Trivett S. | United States

Honorable mention  «Self portrait»

Craving, self portrait

«…I am a visual artist that uses photography to narrate and construct identity in Experimental Self Portraiture, to explore subjects in emotional abstraction, and to create images that show how details and color interact in the world. My theatrical and vocal performance background inspires me to explore psyche, spirit, ego, and soul: creating current characters with personal and dynamic stories. This image I took in my home and it explores longing for humanity and isolation….»



Konstantinos Makris| | Greece

Honorable mention  «Self portrait»


«…I am an amateur photographer who lives and works in Livadia Viotia and I like to combine photography with nature trips. I created this photo by first using a mannequin to make the necessary adjustments, then photographing myself with various expressions until I achieved the desired result….»

Leonardo Valenstain (Wallenstein) | Greece

Honorable mention  «Self portrait»

Shadows in the internal landscape «…A summer afternoon. I was alone, sorrowful and contemplative. Calm but obscure. At that moment I wanted to capture an image of my condition. Without preparing or any thought, I looked at my camera lens the same way I would look at myself in a mirror, not with selfishness but expecting from my reflection to talk to me and thus, to feel relieved. A long time later, looking at this photo, I felt the need to convert it to black and white. Moreover, the editing technique should serve the meaning and feeling of that moment.Thus, this result arose….»

Tomohiko Funai | Japan

Honorable mention  «Self portrait»

Zero Gravity

«…I am a self-portrait, non-photoshopped levitation photographer, influenced by a contemporary artist, Natsumi Hayashi, and her “Today’s Levitation” photography series (2012). Under the concept “Zero Gravity”, I create the levitating world and the life of the “levitator”, freed from the force of gravity. I have been awarded in more than 70 Japanese and international photography competitions and have exhibited in over 70 locations in five countries. I have also been featured in various media such as national television, radio, YouTube, magazines and online articles in Japan. I also have a YouTube channel, where I post videos on levitation photography, as well as photography camera gear reviews etc.
I have been taking self-portrait levitation photographs for over 10 years. These were taken by using the camera on tripod and the remote control. I pose mid-air while jumping just as the shutter closes. When I take these levitation photographs, I usually place myself in beautiful landscapes, as well as ordinary scenery…»


Lydia Veropoulou | Greece

Honorable mention  «Self portrait»

The underwater selfie «…From 2010 till now, I began to record, in photos and videos, the ecological destruction of the Corinthian Gulf seabed. Ι mainly take pictures of plastic barrels, crates, wheels, car engines which are only a small sample of what people use as anchorage to tie their boats. The sea, as a living organism, intervenes and transforms these ugly human rubbish into beautiful works of art. An evolution of my work is to see myself within the environment I’m photographing. Taking selfies underwater was a great challenge. I had a lot of difficulties currying the heavy mirror and trying to stabilize it with rocks…» lydia.veropoulou @lydia_veropoulou

Alexandros Emmanouilidis | Greece

Honorable mention  «Self portrait»


«…Project: Industrial dynamic figures bordering the edge between reality and fantasy….»


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