1st prize «Street» also Grand Prize Winner:
Eddy Verloes | Belgium


Losing Our Minds

Winner is Eddy Verloes (Belgium) for his unique shot of “Losing our Minds” series, depicting a bunch of young UltraOrthodox Jews in a joyful moment out in the country during lockdown. Prize is seven day stay at on of Mitsis Hotels resorts, plus 250 euros.

“My photo belongs to my series “Losing our minds” which was taken at the beginning of the corona crisis 2020: a bizarre, but extremely fascinating period. Man loses his mind because a new and challenging stormy situation presents itself. Fear overpowers man, he freezes, starts to reflect on the world and on the punishment that Mother Nature sends. I want this poetic-philosophical reflection to speak through my images. In my series “Losing our minds” I consciously show only young people who are looking for themselves, for the meaning of life and the relationship between man and nature. It is sometimes difficult to draw the line between realism and surrealism, between reality and madness. Are those figures real or staged in my photos? Sometimes we as laymen have the same reaction: is this the real world in which we live or is this madness / surrealism? These are photos of ultra-Orthodox Jews who can enjoy their freedom in an unorthodox way in the storm (of their lives) and escape the lockdown. 

My images however try to transcend the anecdotal and in that sense they not only reflect what is going on with the corona crisis in 2020, but they try to be a universal expression. They could have taken place anywhere in the world and not just on the Belgian coast where these photos were taken in one day and within one hour. The young people in my photos are of course symbols of change / revolution / going against the tide. They symbolize spring that starts anew every year.

Orhan Tsolak | Greece

2nd prize «Street» 

“I love travelling by train. Train travelling is my preferred means of transport not only because it is affordable and environmentally friendly but also because it offers endless possibilities of photographing the passing landscapes and all the changing light reflections on the train windows. Train also gives photo opportunities with fellow passengers who let off their guard in a way they wouldn’t in a public place. This particular photograph came about in one of those trips, just outside the city of Salonica. It is a take of a sleeping woman who was sitting parallel to me, on the right side of the train. In the photo she reflected together with the passing outdoors on my window, as I took the photo by facing my window and not her. Although the technical side of the shot sounds complicated, it was a very simple single shot which I hope proves the visual poetry of train travelling.”


Wins URSS, ÉTÉ 91 photo album by Jean-Christophe Béchet, LOCO Publications.

Julien Drogoul | France

Honorable mention «Street»

The Bridal Veil

“I took this picture in October 2022 while travelling in Scotland. This night I was walking in the streets of Glasgow when I started to stare at this beautiful wedding shop window. The street was quite empty at the moment so I decided to wait until someone showed up, thinking about adding a secondary subject to what might have been a forgettable picture.
Then magic happened. I saw this unknown woman with the longest white hair I have ever seen. My camera was already prepared so I had the time to take two or three frames and selected this one. Like a bride coming for the rest of her gown!
This picture is part of a bigger project made of a hundred black and white street pictures. Yet, considering the story behind the picture, I suppose that I would have chosen to edit it in black and white anyway, which is what brings all the magic!”

Sony Alpha 7 II, Samyang 45mm f /1.8 lens – editing in Lightroom Classic


Yip Hok Sum (MasterCow) | Hong Kong

Honorable mention «Street»


“I am a designer residing in Hong Kong. My hobby is street photography, and I incorporate Feng Shui elements into my photos. In Feng Shui, geometric stairs are often seen as symbols of exploration, adventure and the pursuit of unknown territories. This is because stairs serve as tools that connect different levels and spaces, representing a means to transcend current circumstances and enter unknown realms.
The shape and structure of geometric stairs can also convey a sense of dynamism and progress. For instance, spiral stairs or curved-shaped stairs can exhibit a power of rotation and elevation, symbolizing the spirit of adventure and the changes you experience while exploring new territories.
I understand. Feng Shui indeed has its unique beliefs and cultural background, and this interpretation is just one perspective. You can also view it as a symbol or artistic element to inspire and remind yourself to maintain an attitude of constantly seeking freshness, embracing adventure and exploring the unknown.”


Stella Villiou | Greece

Honorable mention «Street»


“In this photograph we can see the balance and the movement between the old man and the statue. I chose the title “Dilectus”. (Latin word meaning choice). What I like about this photo is the freedom of choice.
Although in our world, society and circumstances driven by biased and logical motives may indicate a certain path, everyone has the ability to chart and follow one’s own path and become special in one’s own way, be even better than yesterday and move forward always hoping that one’s choice is right or even the best possible.
Everything is a choice!”


Drawing prize
Wireless headphones LinkBuds S offered by Sony Hellas
Value: €199,99

Panagiotis Sentementes | Greece

Honorable mention «Street» 

Twin Illusionists

“The photograph captures a moment from my explorations in Lisbon at the Rossio Square. Amidst the vibrant surroundings, two gentlemen dressed in remarkably similar attire caught my eye standing in identical postures and wearing matching shoes. I instinctively captured the scene. This spontaneous click immortalized what I later came to call the “Twin Illusionists”. To enhance the dramatic impact and emphasize the “Twins” I opted for a monochromatic palette with heightened contrast. This choice immersed the “Twins” into the intricate, dizzying design of the square. Technical details include ISO 100, a shutter speed of 1/500sec, aperture at f/4.5, and a focal length of 56mm.”


Drawing prize
Voucher towards purchase of any Sigma lens, offered by SIGMA GREECE.
Value: €300

George Vlachos | Greece

Honorable mention «Street» 

Lost in self

“This image was made during a stroll in Placa de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. I noticed a man staring at one of the statues as if the woman figure was posing only for him. I also noticed the relationship between the posture of the arms of the man and the statue.
I tried to frame them in such a way as to enhance this posing dialogue. Black and white conversion was done in post processing along with tighter crop and some dodge and burning to bring more focus to the subjects. Unnecessary distractions were also removed.”


Stathis Efstathiadis | Greece

Honorable mention «Street» 

“Ι shot this picture being on vacation in Venice.
I was impressed by the view of these two different passages.
On the left, the pavement with the two pedestrians.
On the right the canal with the passing “Gondoliere”.

Vangelis Tzertzinis | Greece

Honorable mention «Street»

«I love you»

“I choose to shoot in black and white because I believe that color distracts the viewer from the content.
This particular photo is a snapshot of the port of Piraeus which I often visit.
An amateur fisherman “takes care” of an octopus he just caught. The irony is the graffti that says: I love you!
Canon 5D Mark IV, 16mm, ISO 250, f/13, 1/400sec.”



George Papandreou | Greece

Honorable mention «Street» 

Break with view

“This shot was taken in Berlin during the mid day break of some workers I noticed during my walk in the city. The clouds in the sky made the picture more interesting and the sun created the perfect highlights and I couldn’t resist to shoot.”

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